a new beginning

March 21, 2015

It’s been over four years since I last posted to The Collective Conscience. I almost didn’t think I’d do the podcast again, but here it is, a work-in-progress. For the last few weeks, I’ve been putting the pieces of this beautiful puzzle back together. I’ve given it a whole new look and feel, along with some different features, including this blog, where I’ll be giving updates about what’s going on in The Collective Conscience universe.

It’s been a challenge, but a great one. I’m really happy with how things are looking—and feeling. The three original episodes are back up, and I’ve included as much of the original content as I could. I’m also creating new stuff to bring things up to date. Unfortunately, the theme I’m using for the new site doesn’t work with my old logo (see above), so I’ll have to do a redesign on that.

Oh well … so much to do before the official relaunch. I’ll keep you posted!


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