These are some of the very nice things people have said about the show.


Congratulations on the launch of your podcast. Nicely Done!
All the best.

- june middleton

Mellie Mel, congratulations on the launch of "the collective conscience" podcast! I am convinced that you have found your calling here. Your delivery is smooth, commanding, with a very refined vocabulary to substantiate it. An excellent job, my loving sister! Jah guide and protect always! G

- g.a. dover

This was another great piece. I appreciated the Dalai Lama and Alice Walker quotes. Growing up Catholic, I realize that the church (before mass) is a great place to get peace and quiet and meditate. It’s true though that religious places should not be confused as spiritual places necessarily. Thanks for the connection and baring your soul to share your journey with us!!! Hugs.

- stefanie alleyne

You nailed it with this podcast, Mellie Mel! Lo clavaste! Please, do not stop. Keep it flowing. You're on it, my sister. Send me a banner so I can post it on my website. I'm gonna help you promote this to the hilt! One Love Always!

- g.a. dover

Wow! I love it. You sound like you have been doing this your entire life. I am sooooo proud of you. Your speaking voice, diction, tone and delivery as well as the information presented was excellent. Trust when I say, I am not saying all of this because you are my sister – I was getting goose pimples – you nailed it. Keep on doing you – you are absolutely on the right track. Will call you later. Always, Love & Light, Your Sister, Jen

- rev. jennifer williams

Ooohhh, Melanie! This is so very wonderful! I love the gentle way you explain what you are planning! You demonstrate how insightful you are and really give us a sense of how safe it will be to explore right along with you. We know you won't push us into a specific way of thinking. You are opening doors to us as we chart our own course. How enriching! And, the addition of the music at the end of the podcast gives my spirit time to internalize all you said. What a great format, concept and journey! Thank you!!!!

- sue tarlton

I'm glad you were able to complete what you promised yourself. You are always an inspiration for me in self love. Thank you so much for sharing your journey. The point that hit me the hardest was when you said " Once your consciousness get raised there aren’t many people you can talk to about it." It’s true. No one wants to hear it, or they think it’s weird or they place their own preconceived notions on what you are experiencing, or even just where you’re trying to go. Anywho, I'm always open to dialogue as I go through my journey too. Again, thanks so much for sharing this. HUGE HUUUUGGSS 😀

- stefanie alleyne

B E A U T I F U L...seriously ur voice is really easy to listen...thank you.

- yaël read

Terrific. Bravo.

- anne marie offer

Hey Melanie! This was excellent! Informative, honest and interesting! I hope you do some self-promotion with this. Get on iTunes and hit up other spirituality blogs. More people need to know about this! Congrats and can't wait for the next one!!

- geoff shelton

I rarely ever listen to “Podcasts.” However, after I was introduced to The Collective Conscience…I’m hooked! Your Intro was very informative, insightful, and genuine. I especially enjoyed the “tid-bits of wisdom” you implemented: The old u must die b4 the new u grows” & “Very few people want to relate when u become enlightened”. Thanks Melanie…Thanks for establishing The Collective Conscience – MORE POWER TO YOU!

- sidney "sidlocks" mehu

This Podcast is absolutely amazing and necessary! Thank you so much for creating a gem of spiritual information and knowledge that the world needs! Keep up the excellent work!

- dashawn pretlow

Congrats to an inspirational piece. Thanx for sharing. I forwarded it to several friends. See you soon.

- jon haggins

Amazing Melanie!! I love your podcast!! Can’t wait till you post your next episode!! This makes me so happy!!! Go you!!!!!!!!!!

- diana quiñones rivera

Holy POOP! WORK Melanie. I love it. I'll listen shortly, but so far, me likey what I see-y. XO L

- lynnae brown