Hello! I’m MELANIE MORGAN, producer and host of The Collective Conscience podcast.

Here’s a little something about me (if you’re interested).

I’ve been involved in arts and media for many years, particularly in the areas of graphic design, print publishing, photography, and video production. Around 2003 I started toying with web design, and discovered blogging and audioblogging soon thereafter. I created my first blogs (text and video) in 2005, my first podcast episode as a guest on Mandrake Society Radio in 2006, and uploaded the first episode of The Collective Conscience in November, 2010.

The main reason I created The Collective Conscience podcast is to learn more about life and how it works on a deeper level. I want to share what I’ve learned, and learn from you in return.

So feel free to share your thoughts by email, through the Comment Line at (646) 926-3616, by leaving a message in the post, or you can find a Contacts link at the bottom of each page. I look forward to reading—and hearing—what you have to say.

Thanks for listening,